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PAT Training Services Limited
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   Tel: 0113 2489966
   Fax: 0113 236 1006

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17th Edition Installation Testing Accessories, Adaptors, Lightmates, Publications, DVD, Extension Reels, Voltage Indicators and Proving units

Kewtech Lightmate Test Adaptors - Kewtech Lightmate Kit
Kewtech Lightmates are an essential testing accessory to facilitate fast and safe testing for Loop Impedance, and R1& R2 Testing of Lighting Circuits. 6 different Lightmates available. Buy separately or save money by buying the Kewtech Lightmate Kit

Kewtech Lightmate Kit
All 5 Lightmates

Was £80.00
Now £56.00
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Kewtech Lightmate Light Adaptor Kit - All 5 Kewtech Lightmates in one Kit
Kewtech Lightmate Test Adaptors - Buy them individually below:
Kewtech Small Bayonet Connection SBC Lightmate Adaptor
Kewtech Bayonet Connection Lightmate Adaptor
Kewtech Small Edison Screw SES Lightmate Adaptor
Kewtech Edison Screw ES Lightmate Adaptor
Kewtech Halogen Connection Lightmate Adaptor
Was £20.00
Now £12.00

Was £20.00
Now £12.00
Was £20.00
Now £12.00
Was £20.00
Now £12.00

Was £20.00
Now £12.00
Kewtech R2 Socket Adaptor Code: KEWTECHR2
Kewtech R2 Socket test adaptor - for use with all 17th edition part p installation testers

The Kewtech R2 Socket adapter is an essential accessory for fast testing without removing the UK wall socket outlet. It saves time and is safe!

The Kewcheck R2 enables good connection to the electrical wiring installation with 4mm test probes without taking the 3 pin socket off the wall. It facilitates R2 and R1 + R2 measurements as well as voltage detection at wall socket outlets. With the phase and earth conductor linked at the distribution board, your continuity tester probes are placed in the phase (R1) and (R2) 4mm sockets on the KewCheck R2 and then a reading is taken before moving onto the next socket.

Kewtech R2 Socket Adaptor

Was £25.00

Now £11.95
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Kewtech Kewlok - Electrical Safety Lockout Code: KEWLOKC5
Kewtech Kewlok - Electrical Padlock Device

The Kewtech Kewlock is ideal for any electrician concerned with their own safety. Expensive lockout kits have always been available but can be bulky and expensive. The Kewtech Kewloc is a smaller, basic and affordable alternative.
The Kewlok will fit most known MCB (Main Circuit Breaker) and toggle main switches. It is easy to use and you can set your own security code.

Kewtech Kewlok Electrical Safety Padlocks

Was 24.00
Now £14.90

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Kewtech 50m Earth Extension Reel Code: KEWTECHACC50MTL
Kewtech ACC50MTL 50 Meter Earth Extension Reel - R2 Wander Lead

Kewtech ACC50MTL 50m Test Lead Extension for easy earth bond continuity verification and R2 measurements.
The Kewtech ACC50MTL is an essential electricians accessory ideal for ceiling roses, light fittings and circuits far away. It is the only way to test for earth bond continuity as well as for R2 measurements. It also comes with its own detachable crocodile clip for the loose end. First, measure the resistance of the test lead itself and record, or if using auto-null facility on your continuity tester, zero out this resistance. Connect the cro-clip to the extension reel's loose end and connect to the earth point at the distribution board.
R2 measurements are swiftly accomplished when using a Kewcheck R2 Socket Adaptor and the Kewtech ACC50MTL together.

Kewtech ACC50MTL 50M Earth Extension Reel

Was £99.00
Now £54.90
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HandyMan TEk30 30m Earth Extension Reel Code: TEK30
TEK30 Extension Reel 30 meters

If a 50m Extension reel is not needed we have a cost effective alternative in buying a slightly shorter Extension Reel cassette. The HandyMan TEK30 Earth Reel is 30m meters long and compatible with all 4mm test lead connections.

Please note: One end of the earth bonding should be disconnected to avoid parallel earth paths.

R2 measurements are swiftly accomplished when using a Kewcheck R2 Socket Adaptor and the HandyMan TEK30 Extension Reel together.

HandyMan TEK 30M Earth Extension Reel

Was £69.95
Now £37.00
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Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checker Code: KEWTECHFC2000

Many electrical certification bodies now require their members to self check their own test instruments on a more regular basis than the standard 12 month calibration period.
By self checking your instruments with the Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checkbox you can have peace of mind that your instruments are giving accurate readings on all of your installations, while complying with recommendations.
The Kewtech FC2000 Checkbox is ideal for checking all makes of LOOP, RCD, and INSULATION/CONTINUITY testers, and all makes of multimeters.

Kewtech FC2000

Was £169.00
Now £97.50

Click here to add the Kewtech FC3000 Calibration Checkbox to your basket
The Cal Box
The CAL BOX is a great way to check the ongoing accuracy of your 17th Edition testers, multifunction testers , insulation and continuity testers and PART P test equipment. The sockets have standard 4mm connections which are suitable for the test leads from Megger, Metrel, Kewtech, Martindale and Fluke. The CAL BOX contains accurate resistors and you can check insulation resistance at 0.5M ohms, 2M ohms and 200 M ohms. Continuity can be tested at 0.5 ohms, 1 ohm and 2 ohms.
The CAL Box

Only £39.95
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NICEIC Guide Domestic Testing, Inspection and Reporting Code: NICEIC BOOK
The NICEIC Guide to Domestic Periodic Testing, Inspection and Reporting has been fully revised to the 17th Edition.
This NICEIC Guide book shows you how to carry out the inspection and testing of domestic properties and covers full details on completing certificates and reports.

Only £25
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Dilog Combivolt 2 Voltage & Continuity Tester Code:COMBIVOLT2
Dilog Combivolt 2 Voltage & Continuity Tester with Free Volt Detector

The Dilog CombiVolt 2 is a voltage & continuity tester with a digital display and LED indication. It also has a single probe voltage indication built into this rugged unit. The CombiVolt 2 even has a built in torch function and continuity buzzer, both are great features if the light levels are low and you cannot see the display. The Dilog CombiVolt 2 Model DL6790 is fully compliant with GS38 safety notice and it has a rugged hand held casing with a 24 month warranty, proving it great for everyday day use for electricians, technicians and maintenance staff.
Testing voltages from 6 to 690V AC and DC
Automatic switching between voltage and continuity
Continuity testing with audible and visual indications
Three Phase Rotation Test
Single pole voltage indication up to or equal to 100V AC
Fully compliant with GS38 including probe tips
24 month warranty

Voltage Tester



Was £77.99

Now £55.00

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Prices do not include Carriage & packing charged + VAT @ 20%
UK mainland deliveries

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