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PAT Training Services Limited
1 Aston Court
Town End Close

   Tel: 0113 2489966
   Fax: 0113 236 1006

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Martindale AV90 Anemometer with Probe

Low cost and simple Airflow meter

Anemometer / Airflow Meter
Martindale AV90 Anemometer

Measures Airflow and temperature.
Quick and easy to use - all at a really low price!

This Anemometer / Airflow meter Measures both Airflow and Temperature
Comes equipped with external measurement probe
Results in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
Cheap buy price & low cost to run
Easy to use Airflow meter
Handheld and lightweight
Batteries supplied with unit

ONLY £100.00


Optional Calibration Certificate available
ONLY £55.00 +VAT
Martindale AV90 Anemometer with probe features:

This easy to use AV90 Anemometer measures Air flow and can display this measurement in 5 different measurement units: metres per second, feet per minute, knots, mph and kph. The AV90 Anemometer / Airflow meter also displays temperature (either Celsius or Fahrenheit) using the provided external probe.This meter displays temperature and airflow at the same time! Maximum and minimum figures can be also be shown for wind speed and temperature. For higher accuracy, this Anemometer / airflow meter also takes up to 8 readings which are automatically averaged. Futhermore the Martindale AV90 Anemometer tester can take measurements over either 2 or 16 seconds and the average of the 2 to 16 readings is displayed on the clear digital LCD. The Martindale AV90 Anemometer is ideal for measuring ventilation systems, heating systems, refrigeration units, sewage systems and air conditioning systems. This Anemometer / Airflow meter with temperature display provides quick and easy results when measuring temperature and airflow for commercial, residential or industrial purposes as well as factories, offices, hotels and shops .

Martindale AV90 Anemometer (Airflow meter) Specifications:

Wind Velocity Units:               Resolution:
0.3-30   m/s                        0.01
60-5900 ft/min                     1
0.6-58   knots                      0.1
0.7-67   mph                        0.1
1.1-108 km/h      

Measurement range:
-20C to 60C / -4F to 140F


1.0C @ -20C-0C and 45C-60C
0.5C @ 0C-45C
2.0F @ -4F-32F and 113F-140F
1.0F @ 32F-113F

Standard 9V Battery
(PP3, NEDA, 1604, IEC 6F22 006P)
Dimensions: 189 x 67 x 35mm
Weight: approx 390g (Including Battery)

Supplied with PP3 9 volt battery and operating instructions.

Martindale AV90 Anemometer

Martindale AV90 Anemometer / Airflow Meter

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* Prices excludes delivery carriage @ £10 and VAT @ 20%

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