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PAT Training Services Limited
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   Fax: 0113 236 1006
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FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera with Free Software


The FLIR i5 thermal imaging camera is the most compact, lightweight and easy-to-use infrared camera of its class that is currently available on the thermal imaging market.

Temperatures up to +250C can be measured with the Flir i5 and it can detect thermal differences as small as 0.10C. Images are displayed on the cameras bright 2.8 LCD, which has an 100 x 100 pixel IR resolution.The resultant JPEG images carry all the necessary temperature data and can be stored on a built-in SD card or directly onto a PC for analysis or e-mail. Standard range of measurement tools include: Spotmeter, Correction for emissivity and reflected temperature and Emissivity table. The long life battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous operation @ + 25 deg C, the i5 is supplied with a built in charger.

FLIR Systems has considerably simplified the use of the infrared camera: the FLIR i5 thermal Imager produces instant, point-and-shoot JPEG infrared imagery, that, as with every full-fledged infrared camera, carries all required temperature data and measurements that can be stored internally or externally, sent and analysed. This is an infrared thermal camera designed to help lots of trades work more efficiently, identifying faults faster and winning more business. Typical appications include electrical surveys, thermal insulation surveys whether its heat or cold, finding leaks in underfloor heating systems, overloaded electrical circuits, loose electrical connnections, It will also allow before- and after-event documentation to prove the job has been done. As a result the Flir i5 Thermal Imager has the potential to be a standard item in every toolbox.

This multi-purpose camera is also incredibly easy to use and requires no former experience. It really is a matter of point, shoot and detect hotspots.

FLIR QuickReport Software, allows users to organize and analyze the radiometric images from its infrared cameras and present them in a report.
The software allows the user to adjust the level, span, zoom and pan of the camera. FLIR QuickReport features a choice of ten different color palettes. The alarm displays risk of surface condensation, mould growth and inadequate insulation.The built-in report templates allow the user to either include two infrared images, or an infrared image and a digital photo. Image descriptions and text and voice comments can be transferred automatically into the report.

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To launch the Flir i5 simulator and watch product related videos, please click the image below:

Flir i5 Thermal Imaging Camera Simulator
Flir Systems
Flir i5 Thermal Imaging Camera Features:

Imaging and optical data:
Field of view (FOV): 17 17
Thermal sensitivity/NETD: < 0.1C (0.18F)
Image frequency: 9 Hz
Focus / min focus distance: Focus free / from 0.6 m (2 ft.)
Detector data:
Detector type: Focal plane array, uncooled microbolometer
Spectral range: 7.513 m
IR resolution: 100 100 pixels
Image presentation:
Display: 2.8 in. color LCD
Image Adjustment: Automatic adjust/lock image
Object temperature range: 0C to +250C
Accuracy: 2C or 2% of reading,
Menu commands: Palettes (black and white, iron and rainbow), C/F, language, date and time format
Image storage:
Image storage type: miniSD Card
File formats: Standard JPEG, 14-bit measurement data included
Compatible w/ FLIR software: FLIR Reporter 8 & FLIR QuickReport
Data communication interfaces:
Interfaces: USB Mini-B, Data transfer to and from PC
Power system
Battery type: Rechargeable Li Ion battery
Battery operating time: Approx. 5 hours at +25C
Charging system: Battery is charged inside the camera.
Power management: Automatic shut-down
AC operation: AC adapter, 90260 VAC input. 5 V output
Environmental data:
Operating temperature range: 0C to +50C
Storage temperature range: -40C to +70C
Humidity (operating and storage): 95% relative humidity
Encapsulation: Camera housing and lens: IP 43 (IEC 60529)
Bump / Vibration: 25 g (IEC 60068-2-29) / 2 g (IEC 60068-2-6)
Physical characteristics
Weight: 340 g
Size: L x W x H: 223 mm x 79 mm x 83 mm
The FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera comes with:
Flir QuickReport Software
Getting Started Guide and Users manual CD in 21 languages
Battery, Power supply charger with EU, UK, US & OZ plugs
USB cable
Hand strap

miniSD Card, 512 Mb

Flir i5 Infrared Thermal Imaging camera

Infrared Thermal Image by Flir i5

Infrared Thermal Image by Flir i5

Infrared Thermal Image by Flir i5


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