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PAT Training Services Limited
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PAT Training Services Limited
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   Tel: 0113 2489966
   Fax: 0113 236 1006
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Leica Disto A8 Laser Distance Measurement Meter

Leica Disto A8 Distance Measuring Meter

The Leica Disto A8 Digital Laser Distance Meter can measure distances of up to 200m with an accuracy of just 1.5mm.

The Leica Disto A8 with its digital viewfinder and integrated tilt sensor is another revolutionary product from Leica Disto offering a whole realm of new measuring possibilities.

Using the three times digital zoom you can easily target with the blended in cross hairs. The brightness of the greyscale's display can be manually adjusted; ideal for poorly contrasting targets! The tilt sensor does not only indicate angles, but also real horizontal distances and various indirect height measurements. This function is exclusive to the Leica Disto Distance Meter.

Any slope/angle can be easily measured by just placing the instrument on the slope, just like a digital builder's level! By combining the digital viewfinder with the tilt sensor the first measurement in a three point (Pythagoras) indirect height calculation can be measured without actually having to take a measurement with the laser. In addition to the above features, the A8 has the same functions as the Leica Disto A5.

The measurement range is from 5cm to 200m. The A8 also has Power Range Technology and an accuracy of 1.5mm.

The Leica Disto A8 comes complete with two AA batteries, carry pouch and instruction manual.

This Leica Disto A8 is especially popular with forestry workers, scaffolders, crane workers, cherry picker rental companies and all other applications where indirect height measurements are required.

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Leica Disto A8 Meter in action
Leica Disto A8 Laser Distance Measurement Meter Specifications:

Leica Disto Geosystems logoMeasuring Range:

0.05 meters - 200 meters (0.16ft - 656ft)

Typical Measuring Accuracy:
1.5mm ( 0.06in)

Measuring Units:

0.000m, 0.00m, 0mm, 0.00ft, 0.00 1/32ft in, 0'0" 1/32, 0.0 in, & 0 1-32in

Tilt Sensor Accuracy:
-Accuracy to the Laser Beam: 0.15°
-Accuracy to the Housing: 0.3°

Units in the Tilt Sensor:
90°; 180°; 360°; 0.00%; 0.00mm/m; 0.00 in/ft

Unit Dimensions:

148 x 64 x 36mm

Laser Type:
Class II

280g Including Supplied Batteries

Battery Type:
2 x AA (1.5V)

24 Months Manufacturers Guarantee from date of purchase

Power Range Technology™
Indirect Measurement with Tilt Sensor
Area & Volume Measurement
Minimum, Maximum & Continuous Measuring
Room Calculation
Illuminated 4 line display making low light level viewing easier
Addition & Subtraction of Measurements
Indirect measurements with Pythagoras
Two-fold optic telescopic viewfinder
Spray proof and Dust Protected (IP54)
Foil Keypad making cleaning easier
Recall last values: 30 measurements
Tripod thread and Multifunctional end piece

The Leica Disto A8 Comes supplied with:
1 x Holster
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Producer Certificate
2 x AA Batteries
1 x Hand Loop
2 Year (24 Month) Leica manufacturers warranty

Leica Disto A8 in use

Screen shot from the Leica Disto A8 Distance Measurement Meter

The Leica Disto A8  with the revolutionary Tilt Sensor

Leika Disto A5 shop fitter example picture
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Popular Accessories for the Leica Disto A8 Laser Distance Meter:
Leica Disto A3 soft bag for protection against dust, also has space for plam top and manual
Leica Disto A3 Laser Glasses to improve Visibility in Bright Conditions
Target plates are reccomended for distances of above 30m to help get accurate results
Leica A3 Disto Target corner plate

Leica Disto Soft Carrying Bag for the Meter, Manual & PDA

Leica Laser Glasses to ease viewing laser dot in Bright conditions
Reflective A5 Target Plates to enable Greater visibility of dot on rough surfaces

Small Corner Target Plates come supplied with Blu-Tack for ease of use


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