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Megger® PAT32  electrical appliance safety tester
Simple to use the lightweight Megger® PAT 32 makes PAT testing easier

Megger ELT1
Megger ELT 1 Extension Lead Test Adaptor for testing 230V and 110V Extension Lead with the Megger PAT32

Megger ® PAT32
Electrical Appliance Safety Tester

The Megger ® PAT 32 PAT tester is a simple, easy to use, manual portable electrical appliance tester.

The Megger ® PAT 32 tests either 230 volt or 110 volt a.c. electrical appliances including PC's and IT equipment. The unit can perform fundamental safety tests on Class 1 ( earthed ) and Class II (double insulated) appliances. The large clear display shows the results of test measurements for earth bond continuity resistance, insulation resistance, circuit test and fuse test. Tests are started by pressing the relevant test switch. Pass bands are marked on the scale for earth bond and insulation tests.

The optional Megger ELT1 accessory allows the user test extension leads both 110V, 230V and IEC mains leads It performs polarity tests, earth bond and insulation tests.

Megger PAT32
PAT Tester
Was £725.00

Sorry this product has been discontinued it has been replaced by the new and improved
Megger PAT 320
Megger ELT1 Extension Lead Tester
Was £149.00

Sorry this product has been discontinued see the new
Megger PAT 320 PAT Tester
Specifications for Megger PAT32:

Circuit Test: Meter reading range: 0 -9.9kohm
Earth Continuity Test Currents: 100mA d.c.
Earth Bond Test Currents: 25A AC into 100mohms or 10A into 500 mohms
Insulation Test: 500 Volts DC into 2M ohms
Fuse Check
Dimensions: 31.4 x 15.2 x 20.6 cm
Weight: 3.75kg

What is included in the price?
1. Megger® PAT32 PAT Tester complete with the following:
2. Removable protective lid and pop on accessory pouch
3. Earth Bond Test Lead with clip 6231-043
4. Operating Instruction Book 6171-728
5. 12 months manufacturers warranty
Popular accessories for the Megger PAT32:
SimplyPAT Version 7 MANUAL ENTRY Software
PAT Tester Tool kit includes 3 amp, 5 amp and 15 amp fuses
PAT certificate
Pass Wrap Labels Wrap Neatly around any IEC Cable if Room Can't be found on the Appliance
pat courses
SimplyPAT Version 7 MANUAL ENTRY PAT Software
PAT Tester Tool Kit inc's fuses, labels, screwdriver, permanent pen, voltage detector
PASSWRAP Labels, They are Ideal for IEC Leads




200Fail £10
1000BC £39
£ 195

* Prices excludes delivery carriage @ £10 and VAT @ 20%

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