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In a Box
Megger PAT420 PAT Tester
Earth Bond Test 10A or 25A selectable
Earth Continuity 200mA for IT

500V or 250V for surge

Substitute Leakage Calculates leakage without running an appliance
Can identify dangerous appliances
Touch Current Checks for dangerous touch current on the outside of an appliance
nal Test
Measures power/
in VA
Extension Lead Test
Polarity Check
Tests: earth
and polarity also used for IEC power
Memory Huge 10,000
asset records
Qwerty Keypad Speeds up input and eliminates pen and paper

VGA with back light

& Comm's

USB outputs to
a memory stick PC or printers +
SQL Database and Excel

I.T. Safe Low current tests for PC's etc
Dual Voltage Can test 230V and 110V appliances
Portable RCD Testing Complies with the latest IET Code of Practice
Flash Tests NO Look at the PAT450 tester if you need this

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PAT Training Services Limited
1 Aston Court
Town End Close

   Tel: 0113 2489966
   Fax: 0113 236 1006

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Business In a Box
PAT420 PAT Tester

Megger PAT420 Tester

Everything you need to start PAT testing and issue computer generated certificates. This Business in a Box PAT420 includes a PAT testing business resource CD. This includes a guide to PAT testing - clear step by step instructions on how to do it, a guide to identifying customers for you PAT testing business and details of why they need to test their electrical assets. There are also Pre-Designed adverts and brochures for you to use and pre written letters for you to send to your potential customers.

You also get PAT Contractor Software which is Megger Powersuite Contractor PAT version, this allows you to manage customers, billing, appliance assets and best of all print PAT Testing Certificates for your clients!

The Megger PAT420 has been designed to be the best, easiest and fastest PAT tester on the market! It has great ergonomics, outstanding productivity and it's future proof. It can test all types of Class 1 and 2 appliances to the latest IET Code of Practice Publication. The user can select "Instant Test" or "Automatic Test Groups" which are also user configurable.

The Megger PAT 420 also has a really fast reboot of less than a second when unplugging it and moving locations. When you are testing lots of appliances with high current earth bond testing the Megger PAT420 will not overheat.

Was £1619.00
Now Only £1125.00 !

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Buy the Business In a Box
Megger PAT 420 from us and w
e also give you a FREE roll of PAT Testing PASS & FAIL Labels worth £29
Megger PAT420 Business in a Box Key Features

Includes PAT Contractor Software package
Full colour display for clarity and instant test status
Huge I0,000 asset results memory
Fast direct comm's to USB memory sticks and PC's
Easy to use straight out of the box - no set up
Direct export of data into Microsoft Excel .csv files
Full portable RCD testing, complies with the IET advice
High current 10A and 25A bond tests as well as I.T. tests
230V + 110V dual voltage operation
Barcode scanner and label printer outputs
Large full QWERTY keyboard for precise data entry
Easy access fully labeled sockets and connectors
High visibility backlit colour display
Soft test and carry case - PAT test in the case
Display indicates
PASS or FAIL by colour
Single connection for both insulation & continuity tes

Check out this great layout to boost your productivity:
Megger PAT420 layout information

The PAT testing market is driven by the "Electricity at Work regulations" and Health and Safety requirements within individual companies and not by the housing market, so it offers the perfect opportunity to offer PAT testing as a service, to schools, colleges, universities, banks, offices, factories, shops, pubs, charities and service organisations etc. One of the main points of contacts in businesses is the Health and Safety Manager, they ultimately have a responsibility to ensure that they and their staff are safe in and around workplace electrical equipment.

What is included in the Megger PAT420 Business In a Box price?
1. Megger® PAT420 Portable Appliance Tester
2. Megger Powersuite Contractor Software - PAT Contractor version
3. Megger Business in Box Resource CD
4. Protective Test and Carry Case
5. Earth Bond / Insulation Test Lead with clip and probe
6. 230V 13 Amp Extension Lead Test Adaptor
7. 230V Mains Power Lead
8. Calibration Certificate performed by Megger
9. Megger PAT 420 BIAB User Guide on CD
10. Printed Quick-Start Guide
11. Plug adapter IEC C6 to C13 (Cloverleaf adapter for some 5A PSU's and laptops)
12. Document and accessory wallet (internal or external mounting)
13. 12 months manufacturers Warranty registration card
14. 1000 Pass Label from Megger
15. FREE 500 Green/white Pass labels from PAT Training Services
16. FREE 200 Red/white Fail labels from PAT Training Services
Specifications Mega PAT420 Appliance Safety Testing Machine:
Earth Bond Continuity: Test currents of 200mA, 10 amps or 25 amps
Display Range 0 to 1.99 ohms resolution 10mohms
Insulation Test Carried out at 250V DC or, 500V DC, Range 0 to 99.99 Mohms
Resolution 0.01 Mohms
Substitute Leakage Test Output: 40V, Display range: 0 to 19.99mA
Resolution 0.01mA
Differential Leakage Current Output: nominal mains supply:
Display range: 0 to 19.99 mA Resolution 0.01mA
Touch Current Test Output: Nominal mains supply:
Display range: 0 to 10 mA Resolution 0.01mA
Operational Test Output: Nominal mains supply:
Display range: 0 to 3999 VA
Resolution 1VA (0 to 3700VA)
Extension Lead Test
including Polarity
Tests performed: Earth Bond, Insulation and polarity
Polarity Checks 4 outcomes:
Lead okay
Live/Neutral Short Circuit
Live/Neutral reversed
Live/Neutral Open Circuit

Portable RCD Test

Test voltage: Nominal mains voltage
Display ranges: 0 to 1999 ms, 0 to 300 ms and 0 to 40 ms
Trip Time Resolution: 0.1ms
Fuse Test Audible beep if fuse OK
Popular accessories for the Megger PAT420:
enables you to test 110 volt extension leads with the Megger PAT320 PAT Tester
Image to follow
PAT Certificate Pad (pad contains 100 PAT Certificates)
Permatags for all rugged applications - These are the strongest PAT Tags within the UK!
label printer for megger pat420
barcode label scanner
pat courses
110 Volt Extension Lead Test Adapter
Megger 110V Power Supply Lead
PAT Certificate Pad containing 100 PAT Certificate for logging down your PAT results.
Barcode Label Printer
for Megger PAT 420 series.
Barcode Label Scanner
For Megger PAT 420





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