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Calibration Certificate Services

PAT Tester Calibration Services for all types of portable appliance testers.

  Detailed Calibration Certificates with readings
  Fast and effective turnaround times
  Competitive calibration prices
  Calibration and void labels
  Annual reminder letters
  Calibration Request Form

Why calibrate?
To ensure that the original PAT Tester manufacturer specifications for accuracy are still met and that electrical appliances being tested will not fall into the wrong Pass or Fail category! Many Quality Managers and PAT manufacturers insist that periodic calibration is carried out or whenever the test readings are suspect. Calibration Certificates can form a vital link in your quality procedures for any portable appliance tester. You will have confidence in using your P.A.T. tester knowing that it is still performing within the manufacturer specifications.

Charges for Calibration Certificates
£69.00 + VAT re-calibration charge for the following PAT Tester models:
Clare A255, A252
Ethos 9300, 9150, 9100
First Stop Safety BattPAT, SimplePAT, Memory PAT , Memory PAT Blue
Irwin 4110
Instrotech PAC 1500Xi
Kewtech KT71, KT72, KT73
Martindale EasyPAT 1600 , HandyPAT 600, HPAT600, HandyPAT 500, HPAT500
Megger® PAT32, PAT3, PAT3/DV, PAT1, PAT120, PAT150, PAT150R
Metrel Auto PAT MI 2143, Swift PAT MI3302 GammaPAT, Delta PAT MI3309
Metrohm Easypat D2112, MicroPAT+, D2131
Metrotest MetroPAT 220, MetroPAT 200, MPAT 20, MPAT15
Parker Bell PAC 500-XP, PAC 500-SP, PB500
PAT Training Services Simple PAT SimplePAT
Robin PT90, SmartPAT 3000, SmartPAT 3500
Seaward PAC500, PAC500 plus, PAT500H, PAC1000, Europa PAC, Europa PAC Plus, PAC1500xi, Seaward Primetest 50, Primetest 100, PT50, PT100 PAT1000, PAT1000S, IT1000, PAT1000X, Europa PAT, Europa Plus PATS Tester, Seaward Primetest 250, Primetest 250 Plus
Tele Products PAT-IT
T.I.S. 600 Safety PAT Plus
£79.00 + VAT re-calibration charge for the following PAT Tester models:
AVO / Megger® PAT101, PAT2/2, PAT2
Ethos 9500, 9600
Fluke 6200 PAT Tester, 6500 PAT Tester 6500-2 6200-2
Instrotech PAT1900xi, PAT2100xi
Kewtech KT74, KT75, KT76, KT77
Martindale EasyPAT2100, MicroPAT+,
Megger PAT420, PAT410, PAT320 PAT4/DV, PAT4DVF, Megger PAT4DVF/3, Megger PAT450, PAT350
 Metrel Alpha PAT MI2142, BetaPAT MI2141 , OmegaPAT MI2140, OmegaPAT PLUS MI3305, Beta PAT MI 3304 , Sigma PAT MI3310A
Metrotest MPAT10, MPAT20, MPAT40, MPAT60 MetroPAT 600
Robin PT100, SmartPAT 5000, SmartPAT 5500
Seaward PAT2000, PAT2000i, PAT2000iee, Supernova, Supernova XE, Supernova Plus, PrimeTEST 200, PT200, Prime Test 220, PT220, Primetest 300, PT300, BenchPAT, Primetest 350, PT350, Supernova Elite, Apollo 600, Apollo 500 Apollo 400
Transmille 5080 PAT tester, 6080 PAT tester, 6080 Plus PAT Tester

Please note that we do charge return carriage on re-calibration which is £10 + VAT

So if your portable appliance tester is due for calibration, why not take advantage of our many years of expertise in the test equipment industry. Just download and complete a Calibration Request Form & send it with your PAT tester that needs calibrating.

PAT Training Services Limited calibrate PAT Testers within our own calibration laboratory and our calibration equipment is fully traceable to National Standards. Our test equipment calibration labaoratory is regularly audited by manufacturers such as Seaward Electronics and Metrel to name but a few to ensure that the calibration procedures and calibration certificates meet their exacting standards. Finally don't forget a correctly calibrated PAT Tester will save you money and in the end pay for its calibration through long-term reliability!
PAT Tester Calibration Certificates from the specialists in portable appliance testers. We can also calibrate a wide range of electrical test equipment so please give us a call if you require competitive pricing.

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