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Primetest 220 PAT Tester
PAT Tests:
Earth Continuity
Insulation 500V DC
Can identify dangerous appliances
Touch Current checks for dangerous touch current on the outside of an appliance
Lead Check

for extension and IEC leads

I.T. Safe Low current tests for PC's etc
Circuit Tests:
RCD Test

30mA RCD Tests

Earth Loop Resistance Test Will not trip 30mA RCD's
Power Socket Test
230V +10%, -20% AC

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Seaward Primetest 220 PAT Tester Battery Powered Primetest 220

Seaward Primetest 220 PAT Tester

Seaward Primetest 220 PAT Tester.
Order from us and get 700 FREE Pat testing labels.

The Primetest 220 is one of the first testers ever to combine a PAT Tester and Installation Checker. The other members in it's family: The Primetest 50, Primetest 100 and the Primetest 250 Plus are also battery powered. This battery powered Seaward Primetest 220 PAT tester moves faster between tests. No need to plug this Primetest 220 PAT tester into the mains supply to do PAT tests. This hand held Primetest 220 PAT tester is small, lightweight and easy to handle.

The Seaward Primetest 220 PAT Tester is an ideal PAT solution for any professional wanting to be quick, efficient and time managing when carrying out PAT Testing. Using a simple rotary switch the Seaward Primetest 220 will run a comprehensive PAT test list on Class I and Class II appliances including IT equipment. The Seaward Primetest 220 is the only PAT tester on the current market with Installation Check facilities and is enabled to test for RCD Trip Time, Earth Loop Resistance and a Power Socket Test. The Seaward Primetest 220 PAT Tester displays your test results on its bright and backlit LED, test results can then be transferred on to the Seaward PATGuard Work About 2 Software

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Seaward Primetest 220 PAT Tester Features:
Battery driven for mains free working
Tests PC's and Information Technology Equipment
Checks RCD Trip Time and Earth Loop Resistance
Tests IEC leads including polarity check
Can perform touch current tests on portable appliances
Hand held and Lightweight
Rechargeable batteries
This product is now obsolete, contact us for an alternative

What we include in the price: Other Seaward PATS
1. Seaward Primetest 220 PAT Tester 304A910
2. Deluxe semi rigid carry case with zipped pouches
3. Rechargeable batteries and charger
4. 230V. Extension Lead Adaptor
5. Test Lead with crocodile clip and mains lead
6. Instruction manual CD and Reference Guide
7. 12 months manufacturers warranty

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Popular accessories for the Seaward Primetest 220: (click images)
enables you to test 110 volt extension leads with the Primetest 220 PAT Tester
Fluke TA700 110V Appliance Test Adaptor allows you to perform earth bond and instulation tests on 110V equipment using the Seaward Primetest 220
PAT Tester Tool kit includes 3 amp, 5 amp and 15 amp fuses
PAT certificate
pat courses
110 Volt Extension Lead Test Adapter
110V Appliance Test Adaptor




200Fail £10
1000BC £39

* Prices excludes delivery carriage @ £10 and VAT @ 20%

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