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Primetest 350 Plus PAT Tester
Earth Bond +/- 200mA
Insulation 250V or 500V DC
Load/Run Runs the appliance during the protective conductor current and touch current tests
Leakage Can identify dangerous appliances
Touch Current Checks for dangerous touch current on the outside of an appliance
As described in the IEE Code of Practice
RCD Test RCD Trip Time
Polarity Check for extension and IEC leads
Memory up to 8000 records downloads via bluetooth and USB
Qwerty Keypad Not Qwerty but you can enter all letters and numbers from the keypad
Download to a PC or printers
I.T. Safe Low current tests for PC's etc
Dual Voltage Can test 230V and 110V appliances with adapters
Flash No, not required for in-service tests

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Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Solutions Kit

Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Solutions Kit This is the "Ultimate" PAT Testing Kit! The Seaward Primetest 350 PATSolutions Kit 3 with extra accessories. Within this Primetest 350 kit 3 is everything you will need to be able to PAT test professionally. From checking the accuracy of tje Primetest 350 with the PAT Checkbox, to producing barcoded and branded labels for appliances with the Seaward Elite Test n Tag Printer. Download your results via Bluetooth® technology and print off or e-mail professional certificates for your clients using the Seaward PATGuard Elite 2 Software. The Primetest 350 Kit comes in its own custom built carry case with carry handle and strap that holds everything you need for a full days testing.

The Primetest 350 PAT Tester has taken speed into consideration and is filled with features to make this the fastest tester on today's market.
With the Primetest 350 being battery powered there is no need to plug this PAT tester into the mains supply to carry out your PAT testing. It is both lightweight and portable. With built in Bluetooth® technology, downloading PAT test results to your computer is a breeze with no cables to connect (downloaded can also be done via USB cable if required). It also incorporates in-situ,high powered, rechargeable batteries that re-charges inside the Primetest 350.
When re-testing appliances, simply upload your the PAT test results from your last cycle back onto the Primetest 350 using the PATGuard Elite 2 Software, and use the supplied Seaward Bluetooth Scanner to scan the barcode printed that are stuck to the appliances. This will eliminate any need for re-typing information more than once for each appliance, and will speed up your re-testing significantly.
This PAT Tester does every test you need to meet the latest IEE Code of Practice recommendations.It measures only 26 cm x 10cm x 8cm and weighs in at 0.9kg. The Seaward Prime Test 350 can be set to Novice or Expert mode, with on screen help available for the novice user. The Prime Test also has predefined automatic test sequences for all popular types of appliances, but users can customise these test settings if and when desired.

This is a PAT tester designed for modern testing requirements, it also has a test feature for measuring trip times for portable RCD's. This PATSolutions Kit 3 is the complete solution for any company offering PAT testing as a service and who needs to be time efficient and professional.
Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester Kit 3 includes the following:

Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester
Primetest 350 Calibration Certificate
Seaward PATGuard Elite Version 2
Seaward Test 'n' Tag Elite Printer
5 x Test 'n' Tag Elite Label Rolls
Seaward Bluetooth Scanner

Seaward PAT Checkbox
Seaward PAT Testing Guide
Microwave Leakage Detector
150 Microwave Emission Labels

110V Extension Lead Adaptor
Earth Test Lead & Crocodile Clip
230V Extension Lead Adaptor
110V Socket Adaptor
RS232 Download Lead
USB Adaptor
IEC Adaptor Kit
PT350 Instruction Manual
Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Charger
Rugged Toolcase

Discontinued Please see the Seaward Apollo 500

Seaward Primetest 350 video demonstration
Get trained using the Seaward Primetest 350 PAT Tester at your premises:
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