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FAQ - PAT Testing Training Courses

Frequently Asked Questions about our PAT Training Courses

Do I have to be an electrician to go on your PAT Testing Training Course?

Definitely not, in fact over 90% of the people we have trained have no formal qualifications in electrics. For PAT Testing in offices and other low risk environments, the Health and Safety Executive states "that any sensible (competent) member of staff can do it if they have been given enough knowledge and training. They need to know what to look at, what to look for and what to do, but more importantly they should be able to avoid danger to themselves or others. So, they should have basic electrical knowledge together with common sense, e.g. switch off and unplug the equipment first!" Book on our PAT training course and we will give you the knowledge and the training including theory and practical sessions.

What training materials do you provide?

Every inividual that attends our training courses will receive and can keep the £55 per copy “IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment”, it's the Bible for PAT testing! Over 35 experts and cooperating organisations contributed towards the preparation of the IET Code of Practice so you can be sure your getting the best PAT training course publication and knowledge available. Don't risk booking on someone else's cheaper course with inferior in house notes, knowledge or literature. If you attend one of our Open courses in Leeds, London, Manchester, Bristol or Birmingham we give you Free 500 Pass Labels, 200 Fail Labels worth £29.00 as well as the £55 IET Code of Practice.

I know your course includes theory but does it involve any practical work?

Yes we need to know if you can inspect and test appliances. So we help you to learn to find faults on plugs and cables by showing examples and then you actually have to find some faults yourself. Don't worry, you'll be looking for cuts in cables, cracked plugs, screws missing inside plugs, exposed wires, melted parts, incorrectly wired plugs etc and you'll even have the FREE Code of Practice to refer too showing you a coloured picture of how a plug should be wired etc. You will also have opportunities to test a variety of appliances to gain confidence in testing and the recording the test results. We will bring a variety of electrical appliances approx. 15 different types including computers, kettles, hairdryers, drills, extension leads, phone chargers etc to practice on and use your new found skills.

Will I get a Certificate if I am successful?

Yes, we send out the personalised Training Certificates direct to the person who booked the course, normally within 3 working days of the end of PAT Testing training course and assessments. Over 10000 people in the UK have attended and passed our PAT Testing Training Courses. We have a very high pass rate.

Have you got any genuine references from other people that have attended your PAT Courses?

We have thousands of excellent references from our PAT Training, too many to list but click here to see some of testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Do I have to retake the PAT Test Training Course every year?

No, there is no legal requirement be trained annually, most people that attend our courses continue to Inspect and test appliances on a regular basis and you always have the Code of Practice Publication we give you for reference and we are only a phone call away if you need help. You might want to buy and watch our PAT Testing Training DVD

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Birmingham PAT Testing Course Venue and map
Bristol PAT Testing Course Venue and map
Leeds PAT Testing Course Venue and map
London *W - Watford PAT Testing Course Venue and map
London *E - Epsom PAT Testing Course Venue and map
Manchester PAT Testing Course Venue and map

Give us a call on 0113 248 9966 to discuss your PAT Testing Training Course requirements or if you have any questions.

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