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PAT Training Services Limited
1 Aston Court
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   Tel: 0113 2489966
   Fax: 0113 236 1006

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save electrical energy this plug in power monitor

PM230 Electricity meter

£24.95 + VAT

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Electrical Energy Meter UK 230 Volt PM 230 Plug In Version

Helps to save energy costs and energy consumption.

The simple to use PM230 electricity meter monitors and measures the energy / power consumption and running costs of connected electrical appliances. If you know this you can start to save money and energy!

Plug a 230 volt or 240V UK electrical appliance into the PM230 meter to monitor the electrical energy the appliance consumes. This handy eight function energy meter / monitor helps to save electricity and money! The PM 230 can provide you with an accurate cost analysis of the appliance you plug in to it. As well as providing voltage and frequency readouts, the meter also shows wattage and kWh (kilo watt hours) readings. You can even set two prices to reflect changes in the cost of electricity at different times of the day. The PM230
Power/Energy meter will give you the knowledge to save money on your electric bill. Overseas customers typically buy a PM230 and use 2 adapters: a plug adapter to fit it into your countries wall sockets and another adapter to fit your appliances plug, into the front socket of the PM230 UK energy meter. We do not supply the adapters for overseas customers. UK customers don't need any adapters it ready to use straight away. Be green use energy supplies efficiently and save on your electricity bills.

Clear LCD showing time & day of the week

Displays present current consumption shown in amps

Power consumption display in watts

Total energy consumption recorded during measuring time displayed in kWh

Power Factor PF, True power in cos phi

Displays metered periods in hours & minutes
Voltage and frequency display in volts and hertz

Total cost of energy function

Cost of electricity in KWh (kilowatt hours)

PM 230 Meter Technical specifications:
Operating voltage 230 volts ac 50Hz
Operating current Maximum 13 amps
Lowest measurable current 0.02 amps
Voltage display ( V AC ) 190 volts to 276 volts
Current display ( amps ) 0.00 A - 16.00 A
Wattage display ( watts ) 0 W - 4416 W
kWh display ( kWh ) 0.00 - 999.99 kWh
Frequency display ( Hz ) 40 - 70 Hz
Power factor display ( PF ) 0.20 - 1.00
Voltage +/- 3% of measured value
Current +/- 3% of measured value +/- 0.04 amps
Wattage +/- 3% of measured value +/- 10 watts
kWh +/- 3% of measured value +/- 0.1 kWh
Prices excludes delivery carriage @ £ 5.00 and VAT @ 20%
As energy consumption in the home, businesses, offices and workshops increase then the simple plug in PM230 Energy Consumption Meter will help to identify electrical energy waste and thus cut electricity usage and energy bills and save money.
Here are some comments by previous customers about the PM230:

An excellent product that helps me monitor and manage the electrical usage in my home and business. Thank you.

This plug in energy meter is an essential item for any household or company wishing to monitor electricity consumption, it's was also fantastic to see the low price and rapid delivery by your company.

I've bought and compared about 7 plug in energy meters, but this is the best by far, some other meters say the measure energy but its only instantaneous, so unless you are looking at the meter all the time you cannot identify waste. Your PM230 energy consumption meter monitors for long periods of time and displays kwh ( kilo watt hours) which is the what all the electricity companies bill you for! Thanks once again for your service and next day delivery.

I'd recommend this unit to anyone concerned about their energy use. The cumulative kilowatt-hours counter is very useful for any electrical appliance which draws a variable amount of power over time and the PM230 shows at a glance how many KWh it has consumed in a given period and because you can enter in the cost per unit then you instantly know how much that appliance has cost you to run.

I have always had an interest in energy conservation and savings to be made on my electricity bills. This PM230 plug in energy meter / kwh meter for UK 3 pin sockets, is fantastic, the unit was delivered next day and straight away it started to show how much energy we waste from my TV, Hi-Fi and computer even when they were on stand by. I am going to buy a few more and give them as presents. I have some overseas friends and with a small travel adapter that converts plugs/sockets this plug in energy consumption meter could be used in most countries.

I would highly recommend that you purchase this plug in energy monitor to monitor Kill a Watt hours ( kwh ). If you have an interest in trying to save the planet by doing your little bit to save energy costs then this is a great little low cost energy saving meter, the fact that you can enter the price into the unit and it can calculate total cost is great

The best thing I've bought all year. Its amazing how much electricity appliances use when they are being used or in stand by mode.

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