UK PAT Training Venue Map

Course Calendar

Find all upcoming dates & locations in our open PAT training course calendar. Our open PAT training course is held regularly across the UK and teaches participants how to test portable electrical appliances in accordance with the IET Code of Practice 4th Edition. We also offer an on-site PAT course for businesses who wish to train at their own premises.

Visit our PAT Training course page to book your place or call 0113 248 99 66 for more information.

ⓘ Information about our venues can be found by clicking the locations below (available dates only) or by visiting out Locations and Venues page.

Location Date and time Availability
Leeds Monday 27th July 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
London - Watford Tuesday 28th July 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Bristol Tuesday 4th August 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
London - Epsom Wednesday 5th August 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Manchester Monday 10th August 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Glasgow Tuesday 11th August 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Leeds Monday 24th August 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Birmingham Tuesday 25th August 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
London - Watford Wednesday 26th August 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Manchester Monday 7th September 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Bristol Tuesday 8th September 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Nottingham Monday 14th September 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
London - Epsom Tuesday 15th September 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Leeds Monday 28th September 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
London - Watford Tuesday 29th September 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Birmingham Monday 5th October 2020 (9:30pm - 4pm)
Manchester Tuesday 20th October 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Peterborough Monday 21st October 2020 (9:30pm - 4pm)
Leeds Tuesday 27th October 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Glasgow Wednesday 28th October 2020 (9:30am-4pm)
London - Watford Monday 2nd November 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Birmingham Monday 9th November 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Bristol Tuesday 17th November 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Manchester Monday 23rd November 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
London - Epsom Tuesday 24th November 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Leeds Monday 30th November 2020 (9am - 4:30pm)
London - Watford Tuesday 1st December 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Manchester Wednesday 16th December 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Leeds Monday 21st December 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)
Birmingham Tuesday 22nd December 2020 (9:30am - 4pm)