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230V 32A PAT Adaptor Kit

  • Convert 230V 32A socket to 230V 13A plug anf 230V 32A plug to IEC socket
  • 30cm length reduces resistance during earth bond continuity testing
  • Test 230V 32A appliances and extension leads with any PAT tester
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The 230V 32A PAT Adaptor Kit contains two adaptors which together allow testing on industrial 230V 32A appliances and extension leads. Both have a 30cm cable to reduce resistance and they allow earth bond continuity testing, insulation testing and polarity checking. They work with any PAT tester and can even be used for load/leakage testing or touch current testing (up to 13A). On no account should they be plugged into a mains socket.

The first adaptor converts a 230V 32A socket to a 230V 13A plug which enables testing on appliances whilst the second converts a 230V 32A plug to an IEC socket. Both adaptors must be used together to test extension leads.