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415V 16A 5-Pin Appliance Adaptor

  • Converts 415V 16A 5-Pin socket to 230V 13A plug
  • Can carry out insulation resistance and earth bond continuity tests
  • Allows a user to test three-phase appliances with any PAT tester
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The 415V 16A 5-Pin Appliance Adaptor allows a regular PAT tester to be used on 415V 16A appliances with 5-Pin plugs that are used in three-phase systems. The adaptor converts a 415V 16A 5-Pin socket to a 230V 13A plug and is compatible with any PAT tester. The short length of the adaptor minimises resistance during earth bond continuity tests and it can also be used to test insulation resistance. It is unsuited to load/leakage testing and touch current testing and should never be plugged into the mains.