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415V 63A 4-Pin Appliance Adaptor (No. 18)

  • Adapts 415V 63A 4-Pin socket to 230V 13A plug
  • Suitable for performing earth bond continuity and insulation resistance tests
  • Compatible with any model or brand of PAT tester
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The 415V 63A 4-Pin Appliance Adaptor converts a 4-pin 415V 63A socket to a 230V 13A plug and has a short 30cm length which minimises resistance during testing. It is compatible with any PAT tester and allows testing on three-phase appliances that are usually found in industrial and manufacturing settings. It is suitable for performing earth bond testing and insulation resistance testing but is unsuited to load/leakage testing or touch current tests. It should never be connected to a mains socket.