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Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Socket Tester

Kewtech Official Distributor
  • Multicoloured LED display and audible buzzer sound provide rapid feedback to user
  • Checks for polarity/wiring faults in 230V 13A UK sockets in walls and extension leads
  • Performs an earth loop impedance check that shows whether a check or urgent check is required
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Suitable for 230V 13A UK wall sockets, the Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Socket Tester can check for correct wiring and polarity. A multicoloured LED display can show whether wiring is correct and the pattern of the lights will indicate the nature of any faults found (save for earth-neutral reverse). Additionally, an audible buzzer will also alert the user to problems. Having performed a polarity test, the tester will then perform an earth loop impedance test and indicate whether a check or urgent check is needed. With a rapid testing process, the socket tester is ideal for quickly checking multiple sockets.