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Martindale EasyPAT 1600 PAT Tester

Martindale Official Distributor
  • Straightforward one-button testing for both 230V and 110V appliances
  • Performs earth bond tests with 100mA, 8A and 25A currents
  • Folds up into briefcase and is therefore easy to transport

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Includes 110V extension lead adaptor, 500 PASS labels, 200 FAIL labels and 250 Tuff Tag PASS labels

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110V Adaptor Bundle
110V Extension Lead Adaptor and Label Bundle
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Includes 110V extension lead adaptor, 500 PASS labels, 200 FAIL labels and 250 Tuff Tag PASS labels.


The Martindale EasyPAT 1600 PAT Tester combines great value with excellent versatility thanks to its ability to test both 230V and 110V appliances without the need for an adaptor. This is because of the inbuilt 110V socket which is great for rapid testing on power tools. It performs 100mA DC earth bond continuity tests (suitable for IT equipment) as well as high current 8A and 25A tests. Additional tests include 500V DC insulation resistance testing and fuse testing from 0 to 13A.

Operation is extremely simple thanks to the Martindale EasyPAT 1600’s clearly-labelled test buttons and briefcase-style layout. Numeric results are shown on a clear digital screen whilst a PASS/FAIL indication is provided via separate LEDs according to pre-set limits.

The Martindale EasyPAT 1600 has tough ABS housing and closes up into a self-contained briefcase which makes it ideal for carrying between sites. It is equally suited to PAT testing in offices and schools as it is in workshops and hire shops.

Key Features

  • Earth bond test: 100mA, 8A or 25A
  • 500V insulation resistance test
  • Fuse testing from 0 to 13A
  • 110V socket and IEC socket built in
  • Briefcase-style ABS housing


  • Earth Test: Test currents of 100mA DC (ideal for IT equipment), 8 amps or 25 amps AC
  • Display measuring range: 0-1.99 ohms
  • Insulation Test: Carried out at 500V DC, Measuring range 0-19.9 Mohms
  • Fuse Test: 0-13Amps
  • 230V IEC and extension lead tester (built into the EasyPAT)
  • Weight & Safety Packed: 4kg, LVD meets BS EN 61010-1

Supplied Accessories

The Martindale EasyPAT 1600 comes with

  • Earth bond test lead
  • 230V IEC Adaptor
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Instruction Manual
  • 12 Month Warranty