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Martindale PC104 32A 3-Phase Socket Tester

Martindale Official Distributor
  • Phase presence, phase sequence and PE testing
  • Suitable for 415V 32A 4-pin three-phase sockets typically found in industrial environments
  • Bright red and green LEDs show fault type according to included reference chart
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The Martindale PC104 32A 3-Phase Socket Tester tests for phasing and wiring faults on 415V 32A 4-pin sockets. These faults include phase presence, phase sequence, PE, and polarity checking as well as wiring faults and the fault type is indicated by the sequence of LEDs on the bright, clear display. A reference chart is included on the tester to help the user.

Key Features

  • Test for phase sequence, phase presence and PE
  • Suitable for 4-pin 415V 32A sockets
  • Green and red LED display indicates fault type
  • Straightforward, instant test process