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Megger PAT400 Label Printer

Megger Official Distributor
  • Print customised PAT labels with information including test result, date, and engineer’s ID
  • Create labels with unique barcodes that can be read by a tester via a scanner
  • Compatible with a range of downloadable Megger PAT testers (PAT410, PAT420, PAT450)
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The Megger PAT400 Label Printer works with downloadable Megger PAT testers such as the PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450. The printer connects to the PAT testers by a simple USB port and will start working as soon as it is plugged in. It can produce PAT labels featuring information such as client, location, test date, retest date, engineer’s ID, PASS/FAIL status and a unique appliance ID barcode.

More efficient PAT testing is enabled by printing labels quickly and accurately with individual barcodes that can be read by a barcode scanner. Labels are printed on white labels with black text and come in cartridges of 150.