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Metrel A1425 Welding Equipment PAT Adaptor

Metrel Official Distributor
  • Facilitates earth bond, insulation, leakage current and no-load voltage testing
  • Compatible with OmegaPAT & SigmaPAT when used with Metrel A1422 Three-Phase PAT Adaptor
  • ø21mm CX25 connection enables electrical safety on ARC welding units
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The Metrel A1425 Welding Equipment PAT Adaptor has a ø21mm CX25 connection which, when used with a Metrel A1422 Active Three-Phase Adaptors – enables compatible Metrel PAT testers (OmegaPAT, SigmaPAT) to perform earth bond tests, insulation tests, leakage current tests and no-load voltage tests on ARC welding units.