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Metrel GammaPAT Pro PAT Tester

Metrel Official Distributor
  • Inbuilt calibration checkbox allows constant verification of accuracy
  • Downloadable internal memory for up to 1700 test results
  • Digital screen provides numeric readings and LED PASS/FAIL indication

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Includes: 110V adaptor, 500 PASS labels, 200 FAIL labels, 250 Passwrap labels, IEC cloverleaf adaptor, and PAT register book.

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Metrel PAT Accessory Bundle
Metrel PAT Accessory Kit
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Includes: 110V adaptor, 500 PASS labels, 200 FAIL labels, 250 Passwrap labels, IEC cloverleaf adaptor, and PAT register book.

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The Metrel GammaPAT Pro PAT Tester is a battery-powered appliance tester that has an inbuilt calibration checkbox that verifies the testers accuracy in between calibrations. Furthermore, it benefits from a fully downloadable internal memory and supplied software package.

The Metrel GammaPAT Pro can perform testing on Class I and Class II appliances as well as well as extension leads with one of three automatic test sequences. It is capable of earth bond testing, insulation testing, and leakage current measurement and has a separate automatic mode for long leads.

Up to 1700 results can be saved to the Metrel GammaPAT Pro’s internal memory and it has a digital screen that provides numeric readings and there is an LED PASS/FAIL indication. The supplied software package can be used to download results to a PC where they can be analysed and reported.

Key Features

  • Built in calibration checkbox
  • Auto test sequences
  • Bright digital screen and LED display
  • Internal memory for 1700 results
  • Downloadable with included software


DeltaPAT GammaPAT Lite GammaPAT Pro
Earth Bond Test (200mA)
Insulation Test (250V, 500V)
Insulation Test (50V, 500V)
Differential Leakage Test
Substitute Leakage Test
Polarity Test
Internal Memory 1500 results 1700 results 1700 results
Downloadable Optional
Compatible with Metrel Android App
Comes with PATLinks Pro Software


  • Earth Bond Continuity: Test current of 200mA
  • Insulation Test: 50V or 500V DC Measuring range: 0.1 – 19.99 Mohms
  • Substitute Leakage Test: Carried out at 40V DC
  • Insulation-S Test: Insulation resistance of isolated accessible conductive parts.
  • Substitute Leakage-S: Substitute leakage current of isolated accessible conductive parts.
  • Polarity Test: IEC and Extension Lead internal wiring check.
  • Weight & Dimensions: 1kg – 230x140x80

Supplied Accessories

The Metrel GammaPAT Pro comes with:

  • Metrel PATLink Pro software
  • USB Download lead
  • Earth bond test lead
  • 230V Extension lead adaptor
  • 6 x Rechargeable Batteries
  • Carry Case and strap
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Instruction Manual
  • 36 Month Warranty