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Seaward Apollo+ Upgrade Kit and Service (380A9917)

Seaward Official Distributor
  • Upgrade a Seaward Apollo series PAT tester to a Seaward Apollo+ series PAT tester
  • Firmware update enables QR code compatibility, search & filtering and power socket testing
  • Full calibration with traceable certificate provided by our manufacturer-approved laboratory

PAT Training Services Collection Option

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The Seaward Apollo+ Upgrade Kit and Service (380A9117) is a useful option for those who already own a Seaward Apollo 400, 500 or 600 PAT Tester. It effectively adds the functionality of the new Seaward Apollo+ series to an old tester without the outlay of buying a new tester.

A new power supply is included with the Seaward Apollo+ Upgrade Service. This includes two new batteries, one of which can be charged whilst the user continues to conduct testing with the PAT tester powered by the other battery. A charger is included for exactly that purpose.

The complete firmware update provided in the Seaward Apollo+ Upgrade Service improves the performance of a PAT tester, adding functionality such as QR-code creation and reading (500+, 600+); wall socket testing; result filtering; improvements to Bluetooth connectivity; and a delete function.

Seaward part number: 380A9917

*Please note that the PAT tester will be returned to the user free of charge following the upgrade. Customers can arrange their own collection or can opt for PAT Training Services to arrange collection for an additional fee of £10 by clicking the checkbox above.

NB – All of the result data stored on the PAT tester may be wiped as part of the upgrade process so it is recommended to create a back up of all files before the upgrade.

Key Features

  • Two new batteries
  • New charger
  • Full firmware upgrade
  • QR code compatibility (500+, 600+)
  • Power socket testing
  • PASS/FAIL results filtering
  • Better Bluetooth connectivity
  • Delete function
  • Up-to-date calibration certificate