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Seaward PATMobile Kit

Seaward Official Distributor
  • Includes Test n Tag Pro Bluetooth printer
  • Compatible with all Seaward PAT testers
  • Includes a PrimeTest Checkbox
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The Seaward PATMobile Kit is an accessory bundle created by Seaward to allow users who are PAT testing the ability to create and store Digital measurement results. Labels can also be generated when used alongside the Seaward PATMobile App. Included in the kit is the Seaward Test n Tag Pro Bluetooth label printer, Test n Tag label rolls (x 4), IEC Cloverleaf adaptor, PrimeTest Checkbox, carry bag and an online Guide to PAT Course.

Seaward Test n’ Tag Pro Serial and Bluetooth Printer 339A980

The Seaward Test n’ Tag Pro Serial and Bluetooth Printer is designed to enable users to print labels quickly and of high quality.

The Pro printer features a high speed processor and extensive memory and records test information including asset number, username, test status, barcode, test date and next date due peace of mind for any busy contractor looking to cut test and record taking time down

Seaward PATmobile App

Available for free on Google Play or Apple App Store, this extremely useful app can create professional PDF reports, allow users to share them with customers and display PAT records on your personal smartphone. Due to the straightforward interface it’s incredibly easy to store PAT results, scan barcodes or print labels with the addition of the Seaward Test n Tag Pro Bluetooth Printer.

The PATMobile App boasts a number of useful features:

  • Simple to use interface
  • Customisable
  • Search and filter through recorded results
  • Incorporated risk assessment and resistance calculator
  • Auto-incrementing asset ID
  • Capture and attach images to reports
  • Printing via Bluetooth connection
  • Export PDF reports or CSV spreadsheets
  • Dashboard feature tracks out of date items

IEC Plug – Cloverleaf Adaptor

This IEC (kettle lead) to Clover Lead (mickey mouse) is ideal for adapting leads normally found on projectors & laptop chargers and will suit any PAT Testers tool kit.

  • Rating: 10A @ 125V / 2.5A @ 250V
  • Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ
  • Dilectric Voltage: 2000V/sec
  • Plug Adapter IEC60320 C6 Plug to IEC60320 C13
  • Adapt an IEC 320 C14 Male Plug (10 Amp 250 Volt shroud) to fit into an IEC C5 outlet.

Seaward Primetest PAT Tester Checkbox

The Seaward Primetest PAT Tester Checkbox is designed to test the accuracy of Seaward PAT testers such as the Primetest 50, Primetest 100, or Primetest 250+ in between annual calibrations. It is capable of checking the testers’ auto test sequences for Class I appliances in addition to Class II appliances. The checkbox shows that the testers are capable of detecting fail results whilst a simple test with the supplied IEC lead will show that they can detect pass results. 347A951


Seaward Test n Tag Pro Bluetooth and Serial Printer Specification


  • (W x H x D) 95 x 65 x 128mm


  • 446g (including battery & full roll of paper)

Part number

  • Serial and Bluetooth Connection 339A980

Supplied Accessories

  • Seaward Test n Tag Pro Bluetooth label printer
  • 4 x Test n Tag label rolls
  • IEC Cloverleaf adaptor
  • Seaward PrimeTest Checkbox
  • Durable PATbag carry case with compartments for accessories
  • Online Guide to PAT Course