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SimplyPATs Version 7 Software

  • Create customised PAT certificates, reports and invoices
  • Download results directly from a range of PAT testers from several manufacturers
  • Export results in a range of different formats including Word, PDF and Excel
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SimplyPATs Version 7 Software is a widely compatible downloading software package that is designed for use with downloadable PAT testers from manufacturers including Seaward, Megger, Metrel, Fluke, Kewtech and Transmille. The software comes as a one-off purchase which includes two licences so there are no subscription charges and the user has access to free updates and customer support.

SimplyPATs Version 7 allows direct data transfer from the onboard memory of a PAT tester to a PC where information can be saved in the manufacturer’s default format. Various data can be saved including PASS/FAIL indications, appliance descriptions, test site, location, test date, time and scheduled retest date. This is stored in a handy database which can be consulted as required and even exported in the form of Excel, Word, and PDF files for printing or sending via e-mail.

An additional feature of SimplyPATs Version 7 is the ability to create customised reports with logos, electronic signatures and colour coding. It is also possible for contractors to create invoices using the software and there is even an upload feature for transferring information back onto a tester.

Key Features

  • 2 infinite licences per purchase
  • Free updates and customer support
  • Compatible with a wide range of PAT testers
  • Download and upload with compatible testers
  • Reporting of a range of different factors
  • Export in formats such as Word, Excel and PDF
  • Sophisticated reporting and invoicing

System Requirements


  • AMD or Intel Processor 1Ghz or higher (2Ghz Preferred)
  • 1Gb RAM,
  • 30Mb free Hard Drive space, plus space for data files and photos,
  • one free Com Port with Standard UART or USB Port (Requires USB to Serial converter),
  • Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 by 768.
  • Only USB to Serial Converters designed using an FTDI Chipset (available separately) are currently supported.

Supported PAT Testers

Supported Seaward PAT Testers

  • Seaward Primetest 250+
  • Seaward Apollo 500+
  • Seaward Apollo 600+
  • Seaward Europa
  • Seaward Europa+ (Upload and Download Supported SSS Format)
  • Seaward Supernova
  • Seaward Supernova+ (Upload and Download Supported SSS Format)
  • Seaward 1000x
  • Seaward 1000s
  • Seaward IT1000
  • Seaward PAT1000
  • Seaward 2000i
  • Seaward PAT2000
  • Seaward Primtest 300 (Ascii and SSS Format – download only) Along with Australia and New Zealand Models.
  • Seaward Primtest 350 (Ascii and SSS Format – download only) Along with Australia and New Zealand Models.
  • Plus variants of the above testers, please contact support if you are unsure.

Supported Metrel PAT Testers (UK Firmware)

  • Metrel AlphaPat – UK (MI 2142)
  • Metrel BetaPat – UK (MI 2141)
  • Metrel BetaPat Plus – UK (MI 3304) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Metrel DeltaPat (MI3309)
  • Metrel GammaPat – UK (MI 3311)
  • Metral OmegaPat – UK (MI 2140)
  • Metrel OmegaPat Plus – UK (MI 3305) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Metrel SigmaPat (MI3310) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Metrel PAT testers (AU/NZ Firmware)
  • Metrel Alphapat – AU/NZ (MI 2142)
  • Metrel Betapat – AU/NZ (MI 3303)
  • Metrel BetaPat Plus – AU/NZ (MI 3304)
  • Metrel DeltaPat – AU/NZ (MI3309)
  • Metral OmegaPat – AU/NZ (MI 2140)
  • Metrel OmegaPat Plus – AU/NZ (MI 3305)
  • Metrel SigmaPat – AU/NZ (MI3310)

Supported Megger PAT Testers

  • Megger PAT4 DV (AVO) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Megger PAT4 DV3 (AVO) (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Megger PAT410 (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Megger PAT420 (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Megger PAT450 (Upload and Download Supported)

Supported Kewtech PAT Testers

  • Kewtech KT74 (Data Imported through USB Stick or Data Cable)
  • Kewtech KT75
  • Kewtech KT77 (Data Imported through USB Stick or Data Cable)

Supported Fluke PAT Testers

  • Fluke 6500 (supports Data Imported through CD Card or Data Cable)
  • Fluke 6500-2 PAT Tester

Supported Martindale PAT Testers

  • Martindale MPATPLUS (MicroPat+)

Supported Transmille PAT Testers

  • Transmille 6080
  • Transmille 6080 PLUS (Upload and Download Supported)
  • Transmille 6080A

Supported TRIO PAT Testers

  • TRIO SmartCal Pro Logger II (Download supported via Manufacturers supplied Utility – CSV Import)

Supported Robin PAT Testers

  • Robin SmartPat 5000
  • Robin SmartPat 5500

Supported Seaward PAT Testers

  • MPAT 60

Supported First Stop Safety PAT Testers

  • Memory Pat (import using free download utility supplied by First Stop Safety)

Further Information

SimplyPATs also supports merging from various manufactures into the same database. Data from downloadable Microwave leakage detectors and RCD testers can also be downloaded.