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Martindale EZ150 Socket Tester

Martindale Official Distributor
  • Capable of performing an earth loop impedance test without tripping RCDs
  • Checks for wiring faults and displays fault type via set of traffic light LEDs
  • Designed for use on standard 230V sockets found in UK mains circuits
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The Martindale EZ150 Socket Tester is capable of performing wiring fault checks on standard UK 230V wall sockets as well as performing an earth loop impedance test which allows it to give a nominal earth path resistivity value. It has twin sets of three LEDs, one for earth loop and the other for fault checking. The multicoloured LEDs can indicate wiring fault types in socket testers and the tester works as soon as it is plugged in.


  • Nominal Operating Voltage: 230V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Non-trip Earth Loop Ranges: 0-1.7Ω, 1.7-5Ω, 5-10Ω, 10-100Ω, 100-200Ω, 200-500Ω
  • Voltage Low Indication: <195V
  • Voltage High Indication: >270V
  • Open Earth Indication: >500
  • Power Consumption: <1.6W
  • Overvoltage: CAT II/300V